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Fantasy Basketball Analysis: Impact of Warriors-Bucks Trade

Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski broke it first. Here are the deets of the deal.

Now let’s break down the fantasy impact of this transaction.

Improves Value, Loses Value, No Change, Slight Drop in Value

Andrew Bogut - This is a lateral move for Bogut. His talent is undeniable and is likely to remain a good center on almost any team. His health has been his only true Waterloo. Playing alongside David Lee next season might lead to his rebounding to dip slightly at most. This ends up a wash as far as his value is concerned.

Stephen Jackson - He’s worth a quick add if you need points and threes and don’t particularly care about your FG%. After this deal goes through, S-Jax will likely make an almost miraculous recovery from his current ailments. He may be coming off the bench for the next few of games a Warrior (again) asKlay Thompson is projected to slide into the SG role vacated by Ellis. Any value Captain Jack can bring to the table is still a net improvement when compared to his recent DNPs with the Bucks.

Monta Ellis - This hurts his value as the Bucks mistakenly think that he’s capable of productively playing alongside Brandon Jennings. Here’s ESPN Chris Palmer’s knee-jerk tweet reaction to the deal. He will be more of a scoring SG and less of a combo-guard. The only way for this scenario to work is for Ellis to fully allow Jennings to orchestrate the offense… Riiiight! I’ll believe that just before this move will allow Kwame Brown to suddenly sprout fantasy basketball value.

Ekpe Udoh – While he won’t be a starter in Milwaukee, but he should still see solid minutes off the bench as he’s now the team’s best shot blocker. This consequently sets his value back a bit as he will wind being more of a shot blocking specialist, while the development of his offensive game will take a back seat.

Brandon Jennings – His scoring will take a slight hit, but this move will hopefully free him up to do more ball distribution duties and thus improve his AST and FG%. This transition won’t happen overnight or even be evident this season, but that is how I see his numbers to trend in the longer term. He’s made a big leap in value this season. The trade slows it at best, his value will still continue to rise.

Carlos Delfino – This move sends the already slumping Delfino to the bench. He is a drop candidate even in deep leagues at this point.

Both Mike Dunleavy and Beno Udrih get some downgrades in value as Ellis clogs the Bucks’ back court even further. Dunleavy may retain some value in deeper leagues, but Udrih’s recent improvement in production is now officially quashed.


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