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Fantasy Basketball Analysis: Don't Worry About Stephen Curry

Because now you don’t have to worry all season about when he’s going to re-injure his ankle. It’s all ready happened. Just after listening to how Tom over at Damn Lies and Stats took Curry 7th overall in the vaunted Friends and Family League, I saw the news about Curry.

So, now that your team is injured… how about some insult for dessert?

According to the SF Chronicle:

Curry was trying to defend Jimmer Fredette’s crossover at the top of the key when his ankle gave way. He crawled toward the sidline at midcourt in agony and put little pressure on the troublesome ankle as teammates Charles Jenkins and Tommy Mitchell acted as his crutches to the locker room.

(Emphasis mine)

Holy shit. Sorry for the swearing, but Jimmer Fredette’s has yet to play a regular season game and he has already broken someone’s ankles! (Okay, just “sprained” they say, but still!)

Fantasy Impact
We had Curry at #9 on our most recent projections, but that was with him playing 35 minutes per game. In H2H leagues, his injury shouldn’t hurt quite as much since he’ll still be able to put up numbers in all the games he does end up playing. But if you haven’t already drafted and especially if you’re in a Roto league, move Curry down your rankings until we can ascertain the extent of the damage. If Curry does end up missing time, Monta Ellis will probably be the main benefactor. Might not hurt to move him up a draft board (though as a high second round pick, there’s not a lot of room to push him up). Ellis played a few extra minutes and saw a corresponding bump in his stats in December 2010 which was when Curry missed the bulk of his time last year.

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