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2011 MLB Fantasy Baseball Tips and Advice

Notes and tidbits from the Doctor's office to help you get an edge on your fantasy competition.

The Doctor is in...

1) Shocker of the off season: Cliff Lee Signs with the Phillies for 5 years, $120 million + $27.5 million option for a 6 the year. George Seinbrenner just rolled over in his grave and there are rumors that the Mets my simply forfeit the 18 games against the Phillies this year.

2) Adam Dunn signs with the White Sox. A terrific addition, Dunn should easily hit another 35/100 this season in Chicago. Kenny Williams once again proves that he is ahead of his competitors. Btw - Williams manged to get Paul Konerko to come back as well...

3) Jayson Werth signs for 7 yrs/$126 million with the Nationals. Yes, the Nats overpaid, but how else are they going to get players to go to DC? Werth makes the Nats better, but they are still 2 years away from competing.

4) Carl Crawford gets 7 yrs/$142 million with the Red Sox. What a major coup for the Sox. If you can't beat the Yankees, you might as well outspend them. Crawford was the best hitter available in free agency; Theo Epstein did well to get him.

5) The Red Sox trade three top minor league players (including Casey Kelly) to the Padres for Adrian Gonzalez. This is a win-win for both teams. There was no way that Gonzalez was signing a long term deal with the Friars, so it was a smart move to get three guys who are about a year away from becoming productive players. Gonzalez makes the Red Sox offense even more deadly.

6) Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter get their contracts from the Yankees. Now, all 10 year olds in the Tri-State area can sleep at night, with visions of Jeter getting timely hits and Rivera closing games for a few more years.

7) The Angels sign Scott Downs to a 3yr/ $15 million dollar contract. This was a bit of a shocker, as the Halos were supposed to be in on the Rafael Soriano bidding. Downs is effective, but Dr. Roto would have rathered Artie Moreno spend another 5 million a year to get Soriano. Watching Fernando Rodney every night will be a very traumatizing experience for the fans.

8) Jason Bartlett gets traded (almost) to the Padres for Cesar Ramos and Adam Russell. Dr. Roto likes this deal a bit more than you might think. Reid Brignac is ready to assume full-time SS duties for the Rays and the two relievers will help a depleted bullpen. As for the Padres, Bartlett is a nice upgrade.

9) The Mariners sign Miguel Olivo and Jack Cust to contracts The Mariners got the power they were looking for--too bad neither of these guys will hit more than .250.

10) The Blue Jays trade Shaun Marcum to the Brewers for Brett Lawrie. Nice deal for both teams. Lawrie is an up and coming young 2b, while Marcum should produce better numbers with a move to the NL.

11) The Mets sign Ronny Paulino to a one year deal. I am glad that is done, now I can sleep at night.

The Doctor is out...

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