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2011 Fantasy Baseball First Basemen Rankings

In today’s continuation of Dr. Roto’s fantasy baseball cheat sheets, he takes a look at the First Baseman.

Unlike many sites that rank players in order, Dr. Roto uses a tier system. Good luck at your drafts!

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Tier A: (love these guys)

  • Albert Pujols - Don’t worry about his contract, he will produce
  • Miguel Cabrera - Needs to get his life in order, but a supreme masher 
  • Mark Teixeria - Dr. Roto loves most anyone in the Yankees lineup 
  • Prince Fielder - Playing for a big contract as well 
  • Joey Votto - Plays in a hitter’s paradise 
  • Adrian Gonzalez - Welcome to the AL’s newest HR threat 
  • Kevin Youkilis - A hitting machine 
  • Ryan Howard - Struggles against lefties, but makes up for it by killing righties

Tier B: (like these guys)

  • Kendry Morales - Still not 100%, but will be a tier A player by end of the year 
  • Justin Morneau - Dr. Roto needs to see him healthy before blessing him 
  • Adam Dunn - Will hit 40 HR in Chicago this year 
  • Billy Butler - Need to see his power numbers climb soon 
  • Paul Konerko - Don’t pay for a repeat of last year’s numbers 
  • Gaby Sanchez - Ready to step up 
  • Ike Davis - See Gaby Sanchez 
  • Carlos Pena - Should hit 30 HR in Wrigley (but also about .235) 
  • Adam LaRoche - He always produces

Tier C: (sleepers, busts, and mediocrity)

  • James Loney - Not sure the power will ever arrive 
  • Garrett Jones - Will be slightly undervalued this year 
  • Aubrey Huff - Will be overvalued this year 
  • Derrek Lee - One year contract in AL…will struggle somewhat 
  • Michael Cuudyer - Middle of the road 
  • Mitch Moreland - Hits righties well 
  • Justin Smoak -  Will start moving up this list soon 
  • Matt LaPorta - Was great in college, now needs to prove it in MLB 
  • Kila Ka’aihue - Aloha! He can rake if he gets the chance
  • Freddie Freeman - Everyone’s favorite sleeper in ATL; Dr. Roto is not convinced yet

Tier D: (try to avoid)

  • Brett Wallace - Needs to show me that he can hit at the MLB level 
  • Daric Barton - 8 HR doesn’t cut it at 1B 
  • Russell Branyan - Platoon hitter with power 
  • Juan Miranda/Brandon Allen - Platoon hitter 
  •  Lyle Overbay - Don’t Overpay 
  • Todd Helton - More of a leader in the clubhouse than on your fantasy team 
  • Ty Wigginton - Let someone else get Wiggy with it

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