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2011 Fantasy Baseball Catcher Rankings

Today's look at the Catchers begins the first of Dr. Roto’s fantasy baseball cheat sheets. Unlike many sites that rank players in order, Dr. Roto uses a tier system. Good luck at your drafts!

Tier A: (Love these guys)

  • Joe Mauer - Simply the best by a wide margin 
  • Brian McCann - Power hitter in a hitter’s ballpark 
  • Buster Posey - In a short time, he is already a top catcher 
  • Carlos Santana - If the knee is healed, he should be a good one 
  • Victor Martinez - Takes the cash to go to Detroit. Will DH much of the time preserving his knees 
  • Jorge Posada - Should be able to hit 15-20 HR this year and still maintains catcher eligibility 
  • Mike Napoil - If he gets 500AB, put him down for 25 HR

Tier B: (Like these guys)

  • Chris Iannetta - Has great pop, but needs to keep average above .240 
  • Kurt Suzuki - Really tailed off last year, but hit for a good average and is solid 
  • Matt Wieters - 2011 is probably looking as his pre-breakout season 
  • Geovany Soto - Could easily make Tier A if he regains confidence and consistency 
  • Miguel Montero - Needs to show his 2009 form 
  • JP Arrencibia - Has all kinds of power; needs to show he can hit major league pitching consistently

Tier C: (Sleepers, Busts, and Mediocrity)

  • Ryan Doumit - Has a great stroke, but can’t stay healthy 
  • John Buck - Can hit continue to hit for power? 
  • Yad Molina - Definition of safe catcher 
  • John Jaso - The Yad Molina of the AL 
  • Miguel Olivo - Will be hard to be relevant in Seattle 
  • Jarrod Saltalamacchia - Has the skills and opportunity, now he needs to hit 
  • Josh Thole - Will play against righties and have a decent average 
  • Nick Hundley - Will get the lion’s share of AB in San Diego 
  • Russell Martin - Don’t pay for the Martin who stole bases 
  • Jonathan LuCroy - Can hit better than he showed last year 
  • Carlos Ruiz - Was a Dr. Roto favorite at one time, now just mired in mediocrity 
  • Jesus Montero - Yankee power hitting catcher of the future 
  • Wilson Ramos - Nice upside if he gets the AB in Washington 
  • Yorvit Torrealba - Nothing special here 
  • A.J. Pierzynski - Still getting AB’s in Chicago, but Tyler Flowers will arrive soon

Tier D: (Try to Avoid)

  • Chris Snyder - Can hit for power, but his average may kill you 
  • Alex Avila  - Might be ok, but will Leyland show needed patience? 
  • Brayan Pena - Not ready yet 
  • Jeff Mathis - Fielding does not count in most leagues; Hank Conger is the future anyway 
  • Ramon Hernandez - Something has been amiss with this guy for a while now 
  • Jason Varitek - May only get 200 AB this season 
  • Pudge Rodriguez - See Varitek 
  • Ronny Paulino - Murders lefties, but only plays 2 games a week 
  • Francisco Cervelli - last year’s numbers are a mirage

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