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2011 MLB Fantasy Baseball: Starlin Castro, Matt Capps, Carl Pavano

Stud On the Rise

Starlin Castro of the Cubs is off to a torrid start this season, currently leading the entire league with a .397 batting average. Castro has continued to improved this season upping his power and run games with six extra base hits and two steals. Castro’s excellent batting eye and plate discipline should make him virtually failproof in keep that batting average above .300. This should allow him to score over 100 runs, while giving you double digit steals and home runs. If you are in a keeper league it would definitely be in your benefit to grab this guy, some scouts are already predicting that if he fills out he could have a similar career path to Hanley Ramirez. In any case, he is shooting up the already thin position that is shortstop.

New Closer of the Week

With how volatile the closer position is, every week we will look on the waiver wire and find a newly promoted closer or one who could be a closer in the near future. This week we look at Matt Capps of the Twins. Joe Nathan has looked like a shell of the player he once was before his injury in blowing back to back saves. Nathan has already five save opportunities in this short season, which should allow Capps to step in and get a fair amount of opportunities himself. Remember Capps is just one season away from being a dominant closer for the Nationals, he should step into his new role splendidly.

Pickups Starting Pitchers of the Week

Carl Pavano looks once again set to be productive for a small market team. Pavano is 20 innings in with a solid ERA of 3.60, a WHIP of 0.95, and the only thing lacking is his strikeout total of 11. If you can afford to take a small hit in strikeouts, Pavano should help drop your weekly ERA and WHIP total by also contributing a fair amount of wins.

Pickup Hitter of the Week

Finding a hitter to pickup this week was a tad difficult with a bunch of fast starters being nabbed up and slow starting being thrown back in the pile picking out one guy to grab is a wee bit difficult. That being said one guy, who is still managing to fly under fantasy owners radars is Brendan Boesch. Boesch did this similar song and dance last season coming out the gates with a strong start, then fading as the summer progressed. Thus far Boesch is putting up respectable numbers of .303, 1 HR, 11 runs, 10 RBI’s and 2 SB. If you are looking for some outfield depth or need a fill-in for a regular starter on the disabled list take a flier on Boesch. The guy should continue to hit till at least June before he falls apart.

Is this Guy for Real or a Fraud?

Jeff Francis has resurfaced once again, pitching like the starter the Rockies once envinsioned in making him a top pick back 7 years ago. One problem for the Rockies is he’s finding this promise while playing for the Royals. In this young season Francis has put up the line of 0-1 with a 2.61 ERA, 1.16 WHIP, and 13 K’s. Francis’ pitching style has always led to a lot of ground-outs, which should make his peripheral stats sustainable. But to actually believe that they will stay this low or healthy for that matter is a bit much to grasp. Looks to me like this guy will fit the bill as a fraud.

Sell!!! Sell!! Sell!

Grady Sizemore managed to actually play a game and to make life great for his owners. He went 2-for-4 with a home run. I am guessing if you somehow ended up with Sizemore, he slipped through the cracks of your autopick pre-draft ranking and you found him the day after your draft, unfortunately on your roster. I can guarantee their will be at least one person in your league who see Sizemore’s first game and comes up with the synopsis from that small sample size that this is the start of great things to come. In reality this will be one of around 80-90 games that Sizemore will play before he eventually is headed back to the DL. Sizemore is too reckless and his body is to brittle to expect anything less. Cut the bait now before he ends up taking up space on your DL the entire season.

Hunch of the Week

Pedro Avalrez of the PIrates is eventually going to put it all together and be a beast at 3B. The guy is batting .208 with 3 Runs and 4 RBI’s with only 1 SB. But don’t forget this is the same guy who managed 38 extra base hits and a whopping 16 home runs in about 95 games. Eventually everything is going to click for this guy and he will jump into the elite category of guys at the hot corner. If I were you, I would keep a close eye on him in the near future.


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