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2011 Fantasy Baseball Tips and Advice

The Doctor is in...

Question #1: You mentioned that you liked Delmon Young, is he worth $18? - Jake, Norristown, PA

Jake: I mention a lot of players here (and on my podcast) each week. While I can tell you if I like them or not, please don't hold me to a specific amount of $ as I don't know your draft room. If you are playing with a bunch of guys from Mankato, then Young would be worth $30 in your league. In a typical 12 or 15 team mixed league, Young's value is right around $20-22. Look for 30 HR power from him this year.

Question #2: Based on his talent vs. injury history, can you justify paying more than $20 for Justin Morneau? – Charlie, University of Wisconsin

Charlie: As a doctor, I can justify pretty much anything, Charlie! But in Morneau's case, you really need to take a look at his spring and the words that are coming out of Ron Gardenhire's mouth. Morneau just played in a "B" spring training game recently which is a good sign. If he keeps getting stronger and it looks like he will be back for good by May 1st, $20 would be a solid investment.

Question #3: What's Brad Hawpe worth given that he will quickly qualify for two positions? – Mike, Albany, NY

Mike: Good call here with Hawpe. He is incredibly underrated this year and will qualify for two positions within the first few weeks of the season. Hawpe will eventually share time with Kyle Blanks, as soon as Blanks gets healthy enough to return to the lineup. Truth be told, I think Blanks will get back later than sooner, which should help increase Hawpe's value just a bit more. Put him down in the $5-10 range and hope for the best.

Question #4: What are your projections for Logan Morrison this year? – Joey, Bronx, NY

Joey: Dr. Roto is a huge fan of Logan Morrison, however, we may be just a bit soon on him in 2011. I see him having a pre-breakout season this year, hitting about .280 with 12-15 HR and 70 RBI. In another year or two, watch for those doubles to become home runs. In 2013, I think we might be talking about one of the top hitters in the NL if he can keep it going.

Question #5: Who is the next best player off your board after Albert Pujols? – Eric, Eaton, OH

Eric: I will give you three names of guys I like this year: 1) Carl Crawford--if you thought he was good for Tampa, can you imagine what he will be capable of in Boston. Wouldn't surprise me if he had 120 runs scored and 50 SB this year, 2) Troy Tulowitzki--had a monster second half last year and is more than capable of repeating it this year. Power/speed combo is as good as anyone. I especially like taking guys a tough positions, and the drop off at SS is immense, 3) Hanley Ramirez--arguably the second most talented player in baseball after Pujols. The problem here is that he tends to dog it every once and a while. If the Fish can be in the playoff hunt all season, look for Hanley to play hard. He has 40/40 potential if he is on his game.

Random Musings:

Tough break for the Milwaukee Brewers. With the St. Louis Cardinals losing Adam Wainwright the Brewers have a golden opportunity to take the NL Central this year and they will need Greinke healthy in both body and mind to do that. With the uncertainty of whether Prince Fielder will return or not, the Brewers may have a limited opportunity here and Greinke needs to have his head on straight and play with the correct type of ball. From a Fantasy standpoint, there’s no chance for a quick start out of the gate now but I still expect Zack Greinke to have a solid year.

The Doctor is out...

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