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Fantasy Baseball FAQs


If your question was not answered this time, you can go directly to the source @ where Dr. Roto will answer all your Fantasy Baseball and Football questions.

The Doctor is in...

Question: With Garrett Atkins being designated for assignment do you feel vindicated? (The Orioles could have saved $4.5 million had they listened to you!!!) - Mary, Westfield, NJ

Mary: Many thanks for reminding all our readers that Dr. Roto was the first expert to say that Garrett Atkins was DONE. Sorry to say that the Orioles did not get the memo, and thus wasted 4.5 million dollars on him. Keep on reading (and listening to my podcasts) to get the scoop on all the players I think are sleepers, and those who are done.

Question: Is Dallas McPherson still considered a decent prospect or has he been moved to the bust category? - Ronald, Georgia Tech, University

Ronald: Speaking of done, Dallas McPherson is DONE with a capital "D". Feel free to drop him off any team that you have him listed on your roster. Dr. Roto suggests that McPherson contact the Orix Blue Wave in Japan to see about resurrecting his career.

Question: Who would you call the "comeback fantasy player of the year" so far? - Russell, Kendall, FL

Russell: There are a bunch to choose from, but I will give the nod to David Wright. Wright really was atrocious last year hitting a mere 10 HR and 72 RBI. He already has 14 HR and 61 RBI before the all-star break to go along with his 13 SB and .309 BA.

Question: Do you think the Rays incident on the bench will have a positive or negative effect on B.J. Upton going forward? - Bengie, Buffalo, NY

Bengie: Tough one to answer, Bengie. From what I know of Upton, he is a bit too stubborn for his own good. However, I think BJ realizes that his team (and manager) are not going to let him get away with loafing after balls, so in the end I think it will be a good thing for the Rays.

Question: I'm in an AL only league and in first place. Gun to your head, do I move Cliff Lee or risk him going to the NL and getting nothing for him? - Jason, Canton, OH

Jason: Are you a risk taker? If so, then hold on to him. My sources tell me that the Mets, Twins, and Rangers are the teams working hardest to get Lee. My prediction is that he goes to Texas for Jarrod Saltalamcchia, Chris Davis, and a pitcher.That said, if you are averse to risk, move him now for whatever you can get, My hunch, though, is that other owners won't give you that much either.

Question: Would you reserve Tommy Hanson until further notice? - Austin, Laredo, TX

Austin: Would you throw Megan Fox out of your bedroom because she had one bad hair day? No, of course not. Same thing with Hanson. He is a young guy who will have his bad days. He will also have many good ones that you will be extremely happy with--be patient!

Question: What Dodgers pitcher would you rather have for next year if they were the same price, Chad Billingsley or Clayton Kershaw? - Eric, Honolulu, HI

Eric: Aloha. No doubt in my mind I take Kershaw. He has the stuff to throw a no hitter each time he takes the mound.

Question: With Michael Cuddyer moving to third, it looks like Jim Thome is playing every day. What kind of fantasy value does Thome have? - Brandon, Glouster, MA

Brandon: Thome will get most of the playing time against righties, but he will still get benched against all tough lefties. Thome can still hit the long ball, but if he hits .250 in the second half, I will be impressed.

Question: I see Mark Prior is trying to make a comeback. Is there anything there worth revisiting? - Scott, Carson, CA

Scott: Yawn. Prior is back. Yawn. Heard he was healthy. Yawn, bet that lasts another two or three weeks.

Question:Pat Burrell has shown new life since going to the Giants. Your thoughts on his fantasy value the rest of the way? - Kevin, Overland, MO

Kevin: Let's call him the NL version of Jim Thome. I give Burrell about 10 HR, 25 RBI, 25 runs scored, and a .250 BA. Decent numbers, but nothing too special.

The Doctor is out...

Random Musings:

I wouldn't be handing Ubaldo Jimenez the Cy Young just yet. Not that he won't win, but he's got pleanty of work to do in the second half as Josh Johnson's is having his own historical start. They have identical ERA's of 1.83 and except wins, Johnson's metrics are every bit as good as Jimenez if not better.

If you are a big fantasy baseball fanatic and have not yet had a chance to listen to my weekly podcast, I really think it's something that you'll enjoy. Keep those questions coming. - Dr. Roto


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