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A Fan's Take: Magic Should Appreciate Ryan Anderson

Ryan Anderson has been a consistent contributor for the Orlando Magic. This year must be especially tough to remain hungry. Dwight Howard holds a key to the future direction of the franchise and there's no denying that it's a distraction. Ryan Anderson is still hungry and he showed it in last nights game.

The game against the Sixers appeared out of reach. Down by more than 10 with not a whole lot of time to attempt to change it, SVG had the bench out on the floor. Ryan Anderson was the catalyst to a comeback attempt (though it wasn't successful, it was admirable). Ryan Anderson played about 10 minutes less than Dwight Howard, but had nine more boards to finish with 20. Ryan Anderson is just a shooter right? Wrong!

Ryan Anderson is a complete player and someone who doesn't give up. When he's out there, he's giving it his all. There's no point in admitting defeat. Even when it appears you are defeated, there's still some progress you can make on the floor. You can try new moves, try and be active in other aspects of the game and see what does and doesn't work.

Ryan Anderson is a true professional. The future direction of the Magic remains unclear, but his play shows little to no signs of slowing down. He's maintaining solid play. The Magic didn't offer Ryan Anderson an extension, which, considering the level of uncertainty the team has, makes sense. Considering how he's played this season, it would make sense to keep him around.

Ryan Anderson makes winning plays and his attitude is fabulous. He's playing his way into a nice payday. What's the key to Ryan Anderson's continual improvement? He needs to do what he's not know for even more.

Rebound, defend, hustle for loose balls and even passing to teammates for easy buckets. While Ryan Anderson isn't the most complete player, he's got a decent nose for the game. He can continue being put in these situations where he's asked to do other things and adapt into that role. He's decent at everything, just not yet good at everything. He's got the skill and IQ to be good at everything.

Ryan Anderson is one of the better workers in the NBA. He's willing to learn and clearly wants to win. Whether he eventually wins on the floor or not, Ryan Anderson is a winner in my book.

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