NFL Analysis: Fox and Elway Good Combination for Broncos


 On Sunday evening, we asked Bronco fans on our facebook page how they thought new Head Coach John Fox and Vice President of Football Operations John Elway were doing. The responses were unanimously positive.

"Given the conditions they're working with," said Marc LaDoucier, "I think they're conducting business with top notch professionalism."

Taylor Starr summed up the general consensus; "If all that QB talk was just a smokescreen, then well done Elway and Fox! If we do draft a QB in the 1st or 2nd, then they get a below average grade. Love what they've done so far."

Many fans complied with Starr, Darius Thomas even went as far as to say he wouldn't be a Broncos fan anymore if they drafted a quarterback. "Iif they draft a quarterback that just may do it for me. I've had enough of all the dumb trades and releases these past few years. [Coach Fox needs to] just give Tebow a good defense -- it doesn't have to be an All-Star cast -- and he will win games in bunches."

While an overwhelmingly majority of the fans are Pro-Tebow, some are glad the Broncos are keeping their options open, among them is Susan Quint. "So glad they are not drinking Woody Paige's "Tebow Koolaid" and are keeping an open mind about the QB situation."

While others, like Kelly Peterson, trust Denver's management to do the right thing. "I trust John Elway to do the right thing. I personally do not know much about Coach Fox. Actions speak louder than words though. There is no doubt they have alot of work ahead of them due to McDaniels trashing the Broncos. It will take years to rebuild the Broncos. In the mean time I will continue to support the Broncos. All I can say is I'm happy Elway is part of management... He was and is the heart of the Denver Broncos!"

Everyone agreed that the best move Fox and Elway made since arriving was signing All Pro cornerback Champ Bailey to a new contract. As Travis Weber pointed out, "The major thing was being able to keep Champ," that move alone gives them an extremely high grade. 

Now fans will have to wait and see if the new management can continue to please the fans while doing what's best for the franchise.


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