Fans Brawl During Eagles, Cardinals Games (Video)


There was some wild action in the stands yesterday during two NFL games.

During the fourth quarter of the Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins matchup, Enrico Campitelli and another person filmed fans engaging in a brawl (videos below) from two angles.

Campitelli wrote on

They were all wearing Eagles' gear so it was impossible to figure out who was on what side and what exactly they were fighting over. While many of the brawlers were hit in the face with force, an innocent bystander (mustache and sunglasses in the first video) received the worst of it when two men literally came flying down multiple rows of seats on top of him and crashing him into the seats.

At the University of Phoenix Stadium, a fight broke out among fans while the Arizona Cardinals were playing the San Francisco 49ers (video below). notes that stadium security were also assaulted when they tried to break up the melee, which tumbled down the stairs.

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