Fan Forced to Remove McNabb Jersey at Eagles Camp


"Out of sight, out of mind."

That's how Andy Reid apparently feels about his old Quarterback, Donovan McNabb. The Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach had members of his staff order a fan to remove a #5 McNabb Redskins jersey he was wearing while attending the Eagles camp on Wednesday.

The fan, Jim Devlin, was apparently both shocked and upset, but within moments took the jersey off without conflict.

Ironically, since Reid started coaching the Eagles in 1999, the team has been known for ignoring the wills and cares of their supporters, getting rid of fan-favorites like Hugh Douglas, Jeremiah Trotter, Brian Dawkins, and now McNabb. Despite public cries and demands for the team to go in a specific direction, the Eagles have continually ignored the pleas of Philadelphia, going back as far as drafting McNabb over Ricky Williams in Reid's very first draft.

Reid has been a master-ignorer for over a decade. But apparently a burgundy jersey with the name "McNabb" on the back was just too much.

Questions will certainly arise from this event. Does Reid have the right to demand this of a fan at an open-to-the-public event? Is this a sign that Reid, having watched new starter Kevin Kolb all summer, regrets his decision? Would Reid have made the same request if Devlin was wearing a Terrell Owens Cowboys jersey?

Or is Reid just a remorseful seller, left with a hole in his heart that aches at even the sight of his ex-lovers name?

What's most shocking of the entire situation is that Devlin, once confronted, had no issues with taking the jersey off. He's a Philly fan, after all. They're the scum of the earth, the worst fans in America. They puke on little children at baseball games. They need to be tased like cattle. They threw snowballs at Jimmy Johnson, cheered when Michael Irvin broke his neck (like you wouldn't!) and of course, NEVER FORGET, they threw snowballs at Santa back in 1968.

Sure, a Chicago Cubs fan threw beer at a Phillies player last season. And an LA citizen tossed a beer at a cop the year before that. And who could forget the epic frat-boy-esque chants of New York Jets fans at Gate D? But gosh darn it, these Philly fans are animals!

And yet Devlin, a man so loyal to his team he attends summer practices in the middle of the week, obediently obeyed the unreasonable demand of a Head Coach the city is, quite fairly, lukewarm about.

The way Philadelphia fans are portrayed in the national media, I half expected Devlin's shirt removal to reveal a bomb. - Eric Marmon

Eric Marmon is a freelance writer from Philadelphia. He graduated from Hofstra University, is a retired Whaler, and currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.

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