Family Of Royals Pitcher Wade Davis Leaves 'Best Tip Ever' For Server


Kansas City waiter Ryan O’Connor received an incredible tip this week.

O’Connor, a server at local restaurant Rock & Brews, had the fortune of serving the family of Royals’ pitcher Wade Davis for dinner on Tuesday. When the Davis family left, they told O’Connor he wouldn’t be getting any cash tip for his work. He’d be getting something even better – a ticket to Game 1 of the World Series.

"I started to walk away when I dropped off their check after they paid, and they said 'Hold on, I was going to give you a tip, but instead we thought you might want this," O'Connor told KMBC.  "And they said, 'you're going to sit with us, we're a pretty cool family.'”

O’Connel’s coworkers say he was “blown away” by the gift.

"He was pretty blown away, a little bit shocked," fellow Rock & Brews employee Justin Olmstead said.  "He came back into the office and said, 'do you guys mind if I have the night off?' And we looked at him, and he showed us the ticket he had in his hand.  And we were blown away ourselves… So we definitely accommodated him and let him have the night off to go celebrate with all the fans at the game tonight."


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