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Fallout From the Colts Picking Up Kerry Collins

News is coming fast and furious, so here's a recap:

  • Collins says he wasn't contacted by the Colts until last Saturday. There goes most of the theories by those still hoping the Colts front office hasn't been out to lunch.

“I guess, if you keep it real basic, vanilla," he said. “He’s going to have some cramming that he’s going to have to take care of. We’re not really considered a vanilla offense, so he’s going to have some studying to do. I’m not sure how he is with the books, not sure about Penn State’s education, but he’ll have to do some studying.”

This move is clearly three weeks late.

  • Chris Mortensen is reporting on Mike and Mike that Colts officials believe Manning has less than a 50/50 chance of playing week 1. The sky has fallen.  This move has nothing to do with just improving Indy's back up. They believe Collins will play.
  • Strictly from a research standpoint, it'll be fascinating to watch the Colts without Manning. So many questions are about to be answered about just how important he is.

As more information comes out, it's clear that Manning is probably not going to play week one. It's clear that this move was the result of the poor QB play on Thursday night. It's clear that Collins is expected to be the starter for the Colts.  There's no way to spin this. The front office blew it from the go. Collins is the right move now, but he was the right move three weeks ago. 

None of that is good news.


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