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Falcons' Matt Ryan Needs a New Nickname

I'm a big fan of podcasts. I listen to a lot of college football podcasts and a few that are done by comedians. I don't listen that much to NFL podcasts but I do subscribe to the Rich Eisen Podcast, thanks for the recommendation early this year from Jeanna Thomas. This week Rich Eisen had Matt Ryan and the Sklar Brothers (I highly recommend their podcast BTW) on his show.

The most memorable part of the podcast was the talk about Matt Ryan's nickname "Matty Ice". Eisen offered up a different nickname for Ryan. He called him "The Mattural", a play on the move The Natural. So what do you think? Has Matt Ryan outgrown the "Matty Ice" moniker or is it more relevant now than ever?

You can listen to, or download, the entire podcast here.

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