Fake 'Man Has Sex with Sheep Sign' Appears on Chicago Newscast (Video)

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During a newscast on CBS Chicago about the multiple tornadoes that have struck northern parts of Illinois, the news station aired a photo of some menacing clouds with a bizarre sign at the lower left part of the pic.

Mediaite.com reports there appears to be a sign that warns drivers that men may be having sex with sheep (or some other type of animal) in the area (video below).

However, the original picture was from the Oklahoma tornadoes back in May. Apparently, a jokester decided to pull one over on the news station.

In more Illinois weather news, the Chicago Bears-Baltimore Ravens game was delayed at Soldiers Field in Chicago.

Players and fans were advised to leave the stadium temporarily, but one Ravens' fan decided to run onto the field instead, notes Deadspin.com (video below).

The unidentified man didn't make it to the other end of the field as security guards chased him onto the sidelines.

Sources: NYDailyNews.com, Mediaite.com, Deadspin.com


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