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Fake Chicago Cubs Mascot Gets Into Bar Fight (Video)

The Chicago Cubs mascot "Clark the Cub" gets quite a bit of ribbing because he lacks pants.

However, a fake Cubs mascot named "Billy Cub" punched a man at a Chicago bar on Saturday (video below).

The unidentified victim lifted the fake bear head off "Billy Cub," who responded with his fist.

After "Billy Cub" put his fake head back on, someone in the bar clocked him in his fuzzy face. He then had his tip jar taken by an unidentified person.

"Billy Cub" was identified as Patrick Weier, the brother of the John Paul Weier, who created the fake mascot several years ago, reports NBC Chicago.

The brothers are not affiliated with the Chicago Cubs, who actually oppose their "Billy Cub" activities.

Patrick says the man was antagonizing him at the bar. The man reportedly left the bar, but returned and removed Patrick's fake bear head.

"I turned and reached and tried to grab the head back and he wouldn't let go and I swung at him," Patrick told "I’ve been doing this for eight years now and there’s a lot times that people try to tackle you, push you, hit you in the head so I mean we’ve taken our fair share of abuse. This is the first time it’s escalated to that point."

Patrick also claims that one of the men at the bar stole his tip jar after the fight, but he was able to chase him down.

Sources: NBC Chicago and


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