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Fake Bad Guys Finish Last: LeBron, Wade and the Heat

Hush little baby...

Everything is going according to plan for the Miami Heat.

They were going to start the season slow. You know, because it’s hard to gel new pieces, new superstars, etc. They would have some injuries -- as all teams do -- and that would stunt their progress a bit as well.

But then, later on in the year, they would finally mesh. Start showing signs of improvement. And of course, right around that 63rd game -- hopefully against a championship-level opponent -- their coach would emerge for the postgame interviews and proudly proclaim that…

…his players were weeping by their lockers?

The epic failure of everyone involved with the Heat organization should not go unacknowledged. Seriously, everyone deserves the blame. Mothers, fathers, wives, brothers, sisters, cousins, janitors, towel boys – everyone. Because a collapse of this proportion, one that is this blatant, cannot just be attributed to the failures of one embarrassingly soft squad. The enablers, the yes-men, the pro-Heat media and everyone in between deserve a share of the flack.

Miami has lost four straight games. LeBron James has missed a potential game-winner four times in the last 11 days. The Heat couldn’t win a game against a top-tier opponent if their lives depended on it. Dwyane Wade, according to Adrian Wojnarowski (a man who has claimed more basketball insider scoops than most will ever know) is getting tired of James’ blunders.

And worst of all, this sinking ship is being...

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