Better 2011 NFL Draft Prospect: Fairley or Dareus?


In the last couple of months, there have been rumors speculating that Auburn DT Nick Fairley was slipping. He took plays off and has maturity issues. Alabama DT Marcell Dareus is the better pro prospect.

Or is that just a bunch of nonsense? According to Sporting News writer Russ Lande, Fairley is still the better of the two. Sources tell Lande that Fairley is a better prospect and, specifically, the rumors about him taking plays off aren’t true. The sources told Lande that Fairley plays with “excellent competitiveness and intensity on every snap.”

The sources went on to say that while Fairley may be young and a bit on the immature side, he’s basically a good kid who won’t get in trouble. They also seemed to agree that as long as he’s got some veterans on whatever team selects him, he’ll be fine and will blossom into a great pro in a couple years.

After speaking with these teams, Lande concludes that “[b]ased on pure talent, Fairley is clearly a level above Dareus.”

Unless these teams are putting this information out there just to get Dareus to slide. In which case, ignore everything I just wrote.


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