Ezequiel Schelotto Breaks Up with Girlfriend Mariana Diarco for Being “Too Sexy” (Photos)

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Remember the time you broke up with your super hot girlfriend because she was too sexy? Well, Atalanta soccer player Ezequiel Schelotto has decided to follow your example.

According to Futbol-Italia (via Yahoo! Sports), Schelotto broke up with model Mariana Diarco after his parents allegedly pointed out that she was ‘too sexy.” What exactly that means is clearly open to interpretation.

Is she too sexy in the sense that she’s out of his league? Is she too sexy in the sense that she’s a little out there with the amount of skin she shows (probably, a Google search of her name leads you to nothing but nude photos)? Is she too sexy in the sense that she’s so sexy she’ll distract some poor driver who’ll fail to stop at a red light and drive off a bridge?

Schelotto's parents could have meant anything, really.

Either way, breaking up with a supermodel because she’s too sexy is definitely not as easy as it sounds. Take it from someone who knows.

Here are some photos of Diarco. Is she really so sexy that you’d have no choice but to break up with her? You make the call.

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The pictures above are the only ones we could find where she wasn’t in a complete and total state of undress. Seriously, no non-naked pictures of this girl besides the ones above exist in the universe.

Final verdict: too sexy to keep.

(Kudos to Yahoo! Sports for the find)

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