Forrest Griffin Explains Why He Interviewed Tito Ortiz: "I'm an Emotional Guy"

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Forrest Griffin's victory over Tito Ortiz may have been fairly routine, but his post-fight antics were not. The inaugural TUF winner explained his decision to run from the cage and then interview Ortiz following the bout.

"I was actually coming back anyway to be respectful towards Tito. I just forget sometimes," commented Griffin. "I'm an emotional guy. I was frustrated with myself. But when I crossed Dana White was yelling at me to get the F back in the cage."

When asked about "stepping in" for Joe Rogan in the post-fight interview, Griffin responded, "I just kind of just wanted to. I don't think about things, it's kind of just emotional."

Griffin was equally emotional when describing his performance. Despite getting the upperhand with a unanimous decision in the final fight of the trilogy, Griffin felt his effort was a bit lackluster. While he did significantly outstrike his opponent, the Extreme Couture veteran found himself on his back in two pivotal points in the bout.

"He got two takedowns and a knockdown. I got a s*** load of jabs and low kicks. I feel like we almost had three draws. Best out of five is what I told him," said Griffin.

"He gassed at the end of the second and third round. He was strong as f*** at the beginning of the first in case you hadn't noticed. The first time when he was holding me down, that wasn't laziness on my part. That was just good base on his part and he dropped a couple elbows and I got motivated. The second time I was being lazy. That wasn't even really a great takedown he got me with. Just frustrated."

Griffin advances to 19-7 with the win while Ortiz retires at 16-11-1.

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