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Ex-Referee Tim Donaghy Finds Publisher for Tell-All Book? broke some news today: The much-anticipated (at least in some sports junkie circles) Tim Donaghy book will apparently be published in December.

If you remember, Donaghy is the disgraced former NBA referee who served time in prison for gambling on and influencing games. The Association, in turn, quickly labeled him a rogue ref who acted alone.

Donaghy begs to differ with that assessment and plans to tell his side of the story in a memoir that will expose the seedy underbelly of NBA officiating. The book was supposed to be published by Random House, but the big publishing company backed out "under pressure from the NBA," according to Deadspin.

Deadspin says the new publisher is an entity called VTi-Group, a media company based in Tampa Bay. The book, Deadspin claims, is now called Personal Foul and will hit shelves by Christmas.

Here's where it gets confusing. OV couldn't find any mention of the book on VTi-Group's Web site. Deadspin also talks about a press release that explains the decision to publish the Donaghy book -- but that release can't be found either.

Even Deadspin writer Tommy Craggs admits in his piece: "I don't know much about VTi-Group, other than that its CEO is Shawna Vercher, a Huffington Post contributor who says she's worked with President Obama, Jeb Bush, the Department of Homeland Security and the NFL.

Whether Donaghy has any credibility remains to be seen, but his revelations could be quite compelling. Right now, however, Opposing Views just wants to know where and when this book will actually be published.


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