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Ex-Osama Bin Laden Translator Muhammed Rahim: “LeBron James is a Very Bad Man”

LeBron James should not have ditched the Cleveland Cavaliers by way of a one-hour ESPN special. When he did ultimately leave that way, he should have apologized immediately afterward. He should not have tried to play the villainous, me-against-the-world role that he wound up playing the following season. He should have treated Clevelanders with more respect throughout the entire process.  

We know all this. He knows it. It’s time to move on. Frankly, this tireless campaign against LeBron is getting a little ridiculous. It’s not just the criticism that’s stupid, it’s also the people who are dishing it out. His detractors really need to start looking in the mirror before casting aspersions.

Case in point: alleged Osama Bin Laden translator, Muhammed Rahim.

While detained at Guantanamo Bay, Rahim sent this letter to his lawyer, Carlos Warner (via Washington Post):

“Dear Mr. Warner!” he wrote in a separate freshly declassified letter. “Lebron James is very bad man. He should apologise to the city of Cleveland.”

Warner says the Rahim’s sentiment about the NBA star who left the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Miami Heat reflects his client’s tribal values, in which loyalty is paramount and “betrayals are not tolerated or forgiven, although an honest apology from an offending peer is valued.”

Are you kidding me? This is a guy whose knowledge of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks is so vast, he is being asked to testify against the chief planners. This is a guy who worked for one of the deadliest, most fearsome terrorists of our generation. This is a guy who wouldn’t know the difference between good and bad if it hit him in the head.

And he’s saying that LeBron should apologize? He thinks LeBron is a bad guy?


(Kudos Washington Post)

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