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Ex-NBA, Hawks Star Dominique Wilkins Attacked by Ex-Ref (Pictures)

Former NBA star, Hall of Famer and Atlanta Hawks TV analyst Dominique Wilkins was attacked by a former referee after a Hawks game Wednesday night. The referee in question, 36-year-old Rashan S. Michel, was arrested and charged with one count of simple battery shortly after the attack.

According to police reports, Michel’s attack was triggered by an unpaid debt from Wilkins for suits purchased several years ago.

During the confrontation, Michel hit Wilkins in the chest and later hit a security guard. Wilkins, in turn, retaliated with three “solid” punches – as noted in a tweet from’s Sekou Smith.

The whole spectacle occurred after the Atlanta’s 85-82 victory over the Orlando Magic.

The Hawks’ team spokesman, Arthur Triche, later said that the fan was “promptly arrested and taken into custody by the Atlanta Police Department.”

Here is what both men looked like after the incident (courtesy of TMZ):

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