Ex-Memphis Star Roburt Sallie Cut From Spanish Team for Using Penis Enlargement Pills?

There have been a number of sports stars who used performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) to boost their athletic performance. Every single time anyone has caught them, they would always be outed and disgraced for their cheating ways.

Roburt Sallie, a former Memphis Tigers standout who went on to play basketball for a Spanish team after college, probably wishes he could be one of those guys right now.

According to NBC Sports, Sallie was cut from his Spanish League basketball team a few months back for, get this, reportedly taking infamous penis enlargement drug Extenze. Yes, really.

As per TUBasket.com (translated by NBC Sports):

On November 18, his team won the ENIAC Knet & Rioja, 83-75, with 5 points in his 20 minutes of play. After the party had to pass the drugs test and was then was nailed. When asked if he was taking any medications, acknowledged that yes, some pills named ‘Extenze’, to lengthen the penis.

Nothing bad if not for the ‘small’ detail that can give doping test for testosterone, and worse, because no one knew at the club, with consequent damage to the Tarragona in case of receiving a sanction. It was then understood why the player, formed in college Memphis and graduated a year before finishing his basketball career in the NCAA, his poor relationship with peers, and almost never take a shower in the locker room, or after games or practice.

It’s an unfortunate situation, but given the circumstances, you can’t really blame the Spanish team involved for wanting to trim a few inches off their lengthy roster.

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