Ex-Chargers QB Ryan Leaf Undergoes Surgery for Brain Tumor


Former San Diego Chargers quarterback, Ryan Leaf, is now resting peacefully in his home after having a benign tumor removed from his brain stem. The much-maligned second overall pick in the 1998 NFL Draft had surgery a week after a consultation with his doctor on May 18.

Apparently, after suffering from headaches, dizziness and blurred vision, the 35-year-old Leaf checked in with a physician to determine what the problem was. Much to his surprise, a benign tumor had formed in his brain, and a surgery to remove it was scheduled immediately. The procedure was done at the Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, CA.

Leaf was released this past Saturday, May 29. He released the following statement on the matter:

"I am looking forward to resting a bit and being with my family," Leaf said. "Thank you for all the prayers and support. My whole family truly appreciated it. This was just another bridge for me to cross, and I will continue to live each day to the fullest and give back where I can!"

No further details have been divulged on Leaf’s condition.

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