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Everyone Has a Take On Jon Jones vs. Rashad Evans

One of the biggest grudge matches in UFC history goes down next month with the UFC 145 main event between light heavyweight champ Jon Jones and his chief rival Rashad Evans. The bout has the MMA community split over who they think will win, as is evidenced in this recent video segment shot by MMA:30, polling Jones and Evans' pro peers and some MMA pundits on what they think of Jones coming in as a 6:1 favorite over his old training partner.

Forrest Griffin: That's stupid! I'd put money on Rashad then. Six-to-one? I'd lock it in now. Because, Rashad's really, I think, one of the best guys out there in blending his stand up and wrestling together. And he's very quick, standing and on the transition to his wrestling.

Urijah Faber: I feel like Jon Jones being the favorite over Rashad makes sense. I mean, he's been dominating everyone. It's not like, 'Respect your elders' here, this is the real world. Whoever's earned it gets the opportunity to have the favoritism and Jones has done that, he's proven that he's on a different level right now. Rashad's a guy that's gonna give him trouble and has a good chance to win, but I would say that Jones is the favorite.

Dominick Cruz: I think he's favored. He's proven that he should be favored, I suppose. It's not gonna be an easy fight, it's a tough fight. If anybody knows how to beat Jon Jones, it would be Rashad, so it's gonna be an awesome fight.

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson: I think Rashad got good chance at winning that fight. I'm anxious to see how that fight goes. Rashad is a very good fighter and Jon Jones is a very unique fighter, but I think that Rashad probably has the edge. But, both of 'em great fighters.

Check out the video below to hear more from guys like Mike Pierce, Kyle Kingsbury, King Mo Lawal and more.

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