Is Sixers Evan Turner the Next Adam Morrison?

Coming into the draft there wasn’t a whole lot of argument over who should go number one.  Nearly everyone thought it should be John Wall, the electric freshman out of Kentucky, but when there was another name put forward it was almost always Evan Turner.  Turner was the Naismith Player of the Year, playing point-forward for the Buckeyes all season and creating plenty of highlights along the way.

Turner’s start to his career hasn’t been exactly what he’d hoped for, as we’ve documented.  He had trouble in the Orlando Summer League.  He isn’t considered to be in coach Doug Collins top five.  And now he’s being compared to Adam Morrison by ESPN columnist, and hoops head, Bill Simmons.

“I taped Tuesday’s Celts-Sixers game, zoomed through it and was taken aback. That’s Evan Turner? The kid I watched on Ohio State last year? He seemed like an Adam Morrison-esque mess. Now I need to see him in person for an official verdict. Either way, Cousins will haunt the Sixers this season. That’s a lock.”

Now, it is one thing to say that the Sixers will regret passing on DeMarcus Cousins.  That may be true, especially considering the impressive stats DeMarcus has posted in pre-season and summer league.  To call him an Adam Morrison level bust though?  That is just plain crazy.

Turner hasn’t even played a meaningful game yet.  We think Simmons was just looking for a way to fill the Philadelphia section of his column, considering how underwhelming the rest of the Sixers roster is.  If he’s serious though, we’d invite Simmons to remember what Turner did at Ohio State, and not focus too much on the limited pre-season minutes he’s seen so far.


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