Evan Turner May Play Point Guard for Sixers

Since being drafted second overall in the 2010 NBA Draft, Evan Turner’s world has been a complete whirlwind. First, TMZ caught up with Turner after the draft, then he went to Orlando where he was less than perfect to say the least, and now he doesn’t even know what position he may play for the Sixers.

Earlier in the week we reported that Turner wasn’t in head coach Doug Collins first five when training camp opened on September 28th. Now it seems as if Turner may see time at point guard, a position he isn’t all too familiar with, considering he played more of a shooting guard/small forward role at Ohio State.

After Lou Williams and Turner struggled together in the back court, Collins decided to switch things up a little, moving Williams to the two and Turner to the point. Here’s what Collins told the Philadelphia Daily News about his decision to do so:

“What I saw was when Lou and Evan were together, when Lou was on the ball and Evan was off, they struggled, because Evan wasn’t sure and Lou didn’t do a very good job of getting us into our stuff,” Collins said. “Then we moved Evan to the ball and moved Lou and they both were good. So you can see where they’re most comfortable right now.

Turner at the one sounds a bit strange, but he seems to finally be in good spirits according to his head coach, so maybe its a blessing in disguise.

“He’s picking his spots, he’s shooting the ball well,” Collins said. “More importantly, he’s having fun. It’s like the light’s gone on and he’s having fun. He’s joyous and smiling and I’m seeing energy. I think some of the weight’s been lifted. I think when he’s gotten with all of our good players, I don’t think he feels like all eyes are on him. I think, early, everything he was doing he felt like everyone was watching every step he was making. Now he can fit into the group and not feel like the microscope is on him all the time.”


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