Euro 2012 Wrap-Up: Looking Back at a Truly Fantastic Tournament

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As soon as Thiago Motta limped off with a hamstring injury, leaving Italy down to 10 men in the Euro 2012 final against Spain, I knew it was time to go get ready for my softball game later that afternoon. Didn't miss much, Spain won 4-0 to cement itself in the annals of the game's history.

Part of me wanted to write something, eventually, about the tournament, perhaps begrudgingly giving Spain it's due. (Not sure how many more critical hosannas La Roja needs at this point, though.)

Didn't quite work out since I got kneed pretty squarely in the head trying to tag somebody out at the plate leaving my head a little bit scrambled -- and swollen.

Yep, I usually play catcher and if you know anything about softball that about sums up my skill level. I'm not the greatest player of all time, but I offer good team spirit while trying my hardest.

Also trying very hard?

My buddy Nick who's a producer at ESPN and worked his butt off during the Euro doing production in Bristol. We all kill the Worldwide Leader for so many things, namely the strawman, inane debate shows, the over-hyping of the Miami Heat and Tim Tebow, etc.

My friend Nick remains me there's another side to ESPN, the thankless side that make events like Euro 2012 possible. He was even petitioning Facebook people for Danish newspaper headline translations. That's dedication, homes. The quality work ESPN does is why I'm so very worried about FOX taking the reigns for the 2018/2022 World Cups.

And no matter how we slice it, Euro 2012 was an absolute joy to watch these last three weeks.

Hell, even Michael Ballack grew on me.

Below is an excellent montage Nick put together over the weekend from the tournament. It's what we all watched the last three weeks and sums it all up better than anything else.



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