ESPN’s Elizabeth Moreau Victim of Vicious Hotel Prank

According to a Gainesville Police Department report, ESPNU reporter Elizabeth Moreau was viciously pranked while preparing to cover a volleyball match between the University of Florida and the University of Tennessee.

Here is how the police report details the events unfolding:

-          Moreau received a call early in the morning telling her that her Hilton Garden Inn room was on fire.

-          The caller directed Moreau to lay towels down at the bottom of her front door to prevent smoke from entering the room.

-          Then, he told her to use the toilet lid cover to break out the room’s window.

Moreau, terrified up to that point, realized that the whole thing was a hoax when the caller, a male subject, told her “that’s what she gets for being a bad ex-wife and further explained she was bad at sucking [EXPLETIVE].”

The front desk clerk on the scene later told responding officers that the man who called asked to be referred to his wife who was staying in room 208.

Many are suspecting that the party behind this whole prank was “Pranknet,” a site dedicated to calling hotels and playing cruel jokes on unsuspecting guests.

Unfortunately, because the hotel did not have caller ID there was no way for police to trace the call.

Moreau reportedly revealed to police during the investigation that she had been a victim of stalking in the past, but that the offender was currently in prison.


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