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ESPN’s Colin Cowherd Getting CBS Sitcom

Apparently, ESPN talking head and resident rabble-rouser Colin Cowherd has annoyed enough people out there to get his very on CBS sitcom.

According to Variety, the same folks who brought us Two and a Half Men will create a new show based on Cowherd’s life.

Although the general premise will probably be something like “confused sportscaster stumbles his way through one stupid sports rant after another,” CBS has not yet blessed fans with any real details about the coming show.

Here is what Variety had to say on the subject:

"Grounded for Life" creators Bill Martin and Mike Schiff are behind the show as writers and exec producers, while Eric Tannenbaum and Kim Tannenbaum are also exec producers. Cowherd will serve as a producer on the sitcom, which comes from CBS TV Studios....

Project reps familiar territory for CBS, which has frequently mined the world of sportswriters and personalities for sitcom fodder.”

So there you have it. A sitcom based on the life of one of the most annoying sports personalities ever in the history of sports.



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