ESPN Dedicates Entire Site to LeBron James, Miami Heat

ESPN’s crush on LeBron James and the Miami Heat has officially been taken to the next level.

According to multiple reports, the World Wide Leader (and James’ No. 1 fan) has decided to launch a Web site for the sole and complete purpose of covering the new-look Heat from every possible angle imaginable.

The Heat Index (which is already starting off on the wrong foot with a name like that) will provide 360-degree coverage of James, Dwyane Wade and the rest of the on-paper champs so that fans won’t miss them too much during the five minutes of “Sportscenter” when they’re not being discussed. Apparently, the URL www.weloveyoulebronjames.com was already taken.

Among things that will be included on the LeBron fan site:

-          Breaking news.

-          Coverage of every practice.

-          “Constantly updated aggregation.”

-          Daily updates to the statistical likelihood the Heat will win the title.

-          Historical stat comparisons.

-          Guest appearances by Miami celebrities (Skip Bayless in disguise?).

As reported last week on The Daily Heat (we don’t need to name our kids after LeBron like ESPN does to get news) ...

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