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ESPN “Outside the Lines” has more JaMarcus Russell Ripping

We didn’t happen to catch Sunday’s ESPN “Outside the Lines” when they did a piece on Oakland Raiders QB JaMarcus Russell. Thankfully for us, Vittorio Taful of the San Francisco Chronicle did, and he gave us the highlights.

-Former Raider Jeremy Newberry said Russell “looked like a lineman – he was way out of shape.” He also said he seemed “more comfortable with a role as a backup.” Newberry added that Russell would simply walk from drill to drill. Sounds like he really got the team going!

-Former Raider Jon Ritchie, who never played with JaMarcus, said that he heard that Russell would frequently fall asleep in team meetings, which probably has nothing to do with why he was so clueless on Sundays. Dominic Rhodes has played with Russell and he confirmed that account.

Rhodes also noted that Russell would take a break from meetings and then forget to come back. He added, “I don’t think he has the mindset to be great.”

-An anonymous ex-coach called Russell a “binge eater.” That’s not exactly a newsflash, but thanks for the quote anyway.

Ok, let’s be honest. None of this is real news. We’ve known these things for a while. It’s just more evidence that this guy just doesn’t seem to want to play football. Hopefully, he’s saved his money.


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