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ESPN Cancels The Moto X Best Trick And Snowmobile Best Trick Events At Future X Games

The Moto X Best Trick and Snowmobile Best Trick events will be discontinued at future X Games competitions, ESPN has announced. This announcement comes on the heels of the network cancelling its planned snowmobile exhibition at X Games Tignes later this month. The decision clearly seems linked to the death of Caleb Moore, a freestyle snowmobiler who died from injuries sustained at X Games Aspen in January, but ESPN has said that is not the case. By cancelling the snowmobile events, the risk of future brutal injuries during the X Games is diminished.

Best Trick events are one of the most exciting parts of the X Games and they are also a big way that new fans are drawn in, according to Forbes. During the 2006 Moto X Best Trick event, Travis Pastrana stuck the first ever double back flip on a motorcross bike. He called the event a “staple of progression in freestyle motorcross.”

There’s no denying the danger of extreme sports, but that is one of the things that athletes who choose to compete in the X Games just have to accept. During a Big Air event, skateboarder Jake Brown walked away from a scary 45-foot fall onto flat hardwood. BMX biker Matt Hoffman has taken a ton of punishment (two comas, 21 broken bones and 100+ concussions) in his career. While training for last year’s Winter X Games freeskier Sarah Burke died from a brain injury. These sports are called extreme for a reason and it’s a virtual certainty that accidents will happen.

Moore said that his favorite moment of the X Games was when he completed a tandem back flip with his brother Colten. The trick was unprecedented and incredible and would never have happened if there was no Best Trick event.

A video of the stunt is below:

Source: (Forbes)


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