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Kentucky's Calipari Suggesting Stars Go Pro: “Frosh Should Weigh NBA”

ESPN is reporting that John Calipari is urging both Brandon Knight and Terrence Jones to weigh their NBA options, but he is advising them not to hire an agent because of the uncertainties surrounding the upcoming negotiations of the NBA’s Collective Bargaining Agreement. If the league doesn’t come to terms, there is a possibility that they could lock out the players.

“The lockout really kind of screws everything up because a lot of kids are pulling their names because what if the lockout goes the whole year?” Calipari said. “What kind of mistake did you make?”

“We don’t know what could happen,” Calipari said. “Where are they going to fall in this? I tell them if they’re not willing to come back and work like they’ve never worked before then they should go because they’re not going to improve.”

On the rumors of him bolting Lexington and his ridiculous incoming class to coach the Knicks or the Heat.

“I laughed when the newest rumors came out because I said, ‘You’re not screwing up our recruiting because we already have these kids signed,’” Calipari said. “Those rumors are going to be out there. I’ve got a great job, one of the best in our sport. I can’t stop the rumors.”


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