ESPN and Jay Mariotti to Part Ways After Arrest?


After making a career of blasting professional athletes who get in trouble in their private time, ESPN personality Jay Mariotti may soon understand what those athletes have had to go through.

According to SportsbyBrooks, Mariotti is in serious hot water with ESPN following his arrest Saturday morning for domestic assault.

“After the L.A. TIMES’ revelation that police found ‘cuts and bruises’ on Mariotti’s girlfriend in the aftermath of the alleged assault, I spoke to several ESPN sources about Mariotti’s prospect for future employment at the company.

One Bristol-based ESPN source said, ‘if the (L.A. TIMES) report is true, he’s done. It’s a death sentence to his career at ESPN.’

A Los Angeles-based ESPN source said of Mariotti’s chances of keeping his job at ESPN, “I don’t think he’ll survive.’”

Mariotti, 51, is a well-known sports personality who works for ESPN on their daily TV show “Around the Horn,” and also serves as a sportswriter for Fanhouse. He recently moved to Los Angeles to work on a morning radio show on 710 KSPN with former NBA player, Jalen Rose.

Around 4 a.m. Saturday, Mariotti was arrested following an argument with his girlfriend. According to a Los Angeles Times report, the two got into a big fight at a Santa Monica club. Shortly thereafter the pair left and headed to their Venice apartment. After a brief argument where Mariotti got angry because he believed that she had been flirting with another man, the ESPN personality reportedly got physical. When police arrived on scene, they noted marks and scratches on the girlfriend’s arms.

Mariotti was released on bail Saturday afternoon.

Neither ESPN nor Fanhouse has an issued a statement on Mariotti’s arrest.


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