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Erin Andrews Receiving Death Threats

Our pals at are reporting that ESPN reporter and “Dancing with the Stars” contestant Erin Andrews has been receiving death threats via email. The emails to “The Dan Patrick Show” regarding Andrews started out as sexual in nature, but then turned violent.

According to TMZ, one reads, “Somebody should shoot her in the face.” A second email says, “I’m one in a million. She’ll never see me coming.”

This isn’t new territory for Andrews, who seems to be a lightning rod for this kind of crap. Remember there was the guy who filmed her nude in her hotel room a little while back.

It’s disgraceful, and now it seems that the FBI is on the case.

“It is correct that within the past few days death threats have been made against Erin Andrews,” her attorney Marshall Grossman said. “As soon as we learned of them the FBI was notified. They are on the case.

“Erin and her family are protected. It is unfortunate that there are sick people who prey on the fears and threaten the well being of others. Erin is not alone among those who have to deal with such predators.”

“Erin is looking forward to the future and will keep all of her commitments including her appearance on ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ We ask that the privacy of Erin and her family be respected.”

The sexual emails started back in September and continued on until they started getting violent recently. Sources tell TMZ that they are coming from a man in Newport News, VA. We aren’t sure if he’s aware that email is incredibly easy to track.


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