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Erin Andrews of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Fame to Leave ESPN?

Deadspin has once again brought a very important piece of world news to everyone’s attention. It seems as though much like the Cleveland Cavaliers, ESPN has their own highly sought-after free agent that may seek greener pastures.

ESPN sideline reporter Erin Andrews is reportedly receiving multiple job offers after her stint on the latest season of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. Andrews’ run on the hit television show has catapulted her to stardom, particularly due to the program being the second highest watched show of the season.  

According to Andrews, she would prefer to stay in sports after her contract expires on July 1, but will apparently weigh all her options. In her own words, she won’t “close the door” on any entertainment opportunities.

This of course comes after stalker, Michael David Barrett, got nude pictures of Andrews via a peephole in her hotel room and posted them on the internet.

After her time on Dancing with the Stars, she has gotten the backing of many popular advertisers to have a show molded out specifically for her.

"She is one of the top sports personalities in the country," says Michael Norton of Gillette.

The number of interested parties calling has “just been crazy” according to Andrews.

"It's actually been surprising. I will be honest: I did this show to get happy. I never thought of what it would do for me in my career. It's crazy." She said in a recent interview.

The real question is whether or not Andrews has the personality to host her own TV show. One of the biggest problems facing ESPN now, is determining what exactly they are supposed to do with her. She’s clearly too famous to be a run-of-the-mill sideline reporter, and will want far more than the $200 thousand she’s making now. However, she doesn’t really have the capabilities to earn the $750 thousand salary she reportedly wants, and according to most media experts, deserves.

Anyway, a fascinating free agent summer full of legends with options just got even more interesting. Where will LeBron James go? Where will Dwyane Wade go? Will Phil Jackson go? Where will Andrews go?

Stay tuned.


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