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Erick Silva Talks About What Fighters Need to Do in Order to be Successful

Erick Silva (14-2-1 NC) has seen the change in MMA and recognizes that today's fighters need to be more unpredictable when they enter the Octagon.

"These days I try to be different, because in MMA fights these days, the most successful fighters are the ones who are different," said Silva. "The ones who have something else to offer. The unpredictable fighters. These days I consider myself a more unpredictable fighter. I think that's one of my differentials."

When Silva takes on Jon Fitch (23-4-1-1 NC) at UFC 153, he will get a chance to show what a variable fighter looks like.

"Most fighters are predictable and you know what they'll do," said Silva. "If they try to study me, it will be different. Because if you watch my fights, you can say that I'm the striker."

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