Erick Silva Responds to Mike Pierce's Demand for Fight

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According to Erick Silva's manager, Wallid Ismail, Silva is prepared to answer Mike Pierce's plea to fight a Brazilian later this year. Pierce has been taunting any Brazilian fighter on his Twitter account this week, pushing for a fight.

"They've asked Erick where he would like to fight at and he said Sao Paulo's edition of Ultimate Fighter (UFC 147)," said Ismail, in a recent interview with "He is indeed confirmed to fight in Brazil. UFC told us that any opponent is welcome, but those who say bad things about Brazil should pay and that's Mike Pierce."

Pierce wrote on his Twitter account, "WANTED: no work ethic, no cardio, terrible striking and limited ground game. Brazilian, please send fight application to Joe Silva...Man I'm ready! Are there any Brazilians at 170 or did they all bump up to 185? Looking for an easy fight:)"

Pierce last competed against Josh Koscheck earlier this year, falling by decision. Silva, meanwhile, suffered a DQ loss to Carlos Prater in a fight he was winning at UFC 142, snapping his four-fight win streak.

In his latest Twitter post, Pierce wrote, "If I get Erick Silva I'd be happy. I did ask for an easy fight."

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