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Erica Blasberg's Doctor Guilty, Involved in Golfer's Suicide

Erica Blasberg’s physician, Thomas Hess, has pleaded guilty to misdemeanor obstruction in the suicide of the beautiful young golfer.

Thomas Hess reportedly took and hid prescription pills used in Erica Blasberg’s suicide and compromised the crime scene before police showed up to investigate her death.

Hess claims he did so to protect her family from the embarrassment of suicide, but it seems he had ulterior motives. Erica Blasberg’s father believes the doctor had an inappropriate relationship with his daughter.

Erica Blasberg was taking the prescription Xanax before her death. Various pills and medications were found in her home, including prescriptions from Mexico. She committed suicide by asphyxiating herself with a trash bag.

Thomas Hess reported her death, admitted to tampering with the scene, then refused to cooperate with police. His home was later searched and police found Erica Blasberg’s Xanax pills as well as a specific type of white trash bag used in her death.

Nearly seven months after Erica Blasberg’s death (May 9), Thomas Hess was sentenced to one year probation and 40 hours of community service.

Erica Blasberg’s father, Mel, spoke to KTNV in Las Vegas about Thomas Hess and the role he played in his daughter’s death.

“I felt that the verdict was insignificant,” Mel Blasberg said. “I think the way Dr. Hess acted and didn’t act is partly responsible for Erica’s death. But I was looking for some remorse.”

In August, Mel Blasberg told ABC News, “He’s central to Erica’s death in terms of being there before she died, and their relationship clearly went beyond doctor-patient.” He added that Thomas Hess may have been hiding something due to the fact he was having an “inappropriate relationship” with Erica.


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