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EPL News: Tevez, Manchester City, Blackburn, West Ham

Carlos Tevez created Manchester’s second transfer soap opera of the season after declaring that he wants to quit Manchester City. He turned in a written transfer request over the weekend, citing family issues as the reason he no longer wants to play at Eastlands.

Questions have surrounded Tevez’s future from very early on in his City career. He has talked of quitting football numerous times in the past, saying that he misses spending time with his family in Argentina and that he hates the business side of modern day football. He also has been involved in bust-ups with both Mark Hughes and Roberto Mancini, and has admitted that his relationships with certain executives at the club are “broken down beyond repair”. This is very surprising news given that he has rarely had trouble with his past teams (except for Boca Juniors…and Corinthians…and West Ham…and Manchester United…and probably every team he played for as a child).

There are now a few possible endings to this saga:

  1. Tevez pulls a Rooney and signs a new deal containing a hefty pay raise. Considering what he’s rumored to be on now, that will probably make him the highest paid player in Europe and one of the highest paid professional athletes in the world. Unfortunately, it will also make him one of the scummiest professional athletes in the world because he will have used his family as bargaining chips for a new contract.
  2. Tevez quits Manchester City and football entirely. City sue him and the case drags on for the next few years, while Tevez moves back to Argentina to be with his family.
  3. One of Europe’s big spenders (likely in Spain or Italy) decide to swoop in and pay the reported £25 million to buy Tevez’s contract. Tevez decides that he misses his family, but not enough to reject a move to his new suitors. He joins the new team, only to fall out with them in two years and quit again.

After the Wayne Rooney fiasco earlier in the season, there’s no telling which way this one will end. However, with City’s bank account, they will be able to go out shopping for a replacement without any worry of finances. Tevez will be difficult to replace, as he has been the club’s most influential player over the last two seasons, with ten goals already thus far in this campaign. However, if he does go, the real question will be whether or not the team will cope with the distraction of their captain walking out on them rather than whether they will be able to cope without his supply of goals.

Around the League

Blackburn won the silver medal in this season’s “Most Nonsensical Manager Firings” competition on Monday after sacking Sam Allardyce. The club fell to second place after Newcastle astonishingly sent Chris Hughton walking last week. Rovers are up to thirteenth place in the league, but new club owners Venky’s were reportedly not happy with Allardyce’s success in the transfer market. Sir Alex Ferguson, a friend of Big Sam’s, was quoted as saying, “I’ve never heard of such a stupid decision in all my life”. However, with Diego Maradona reported as a possible replacement for Allardyce, Sir Alex may have to revise that statement soon.

Meanwhile, West Ham may actually have an understandable sacking on their hands, with Avram Grant on thin ice with the Hammers owners. The club has just one win from 11 Premier League matches and sit in last place on the table, five points away from safety. BBC has reported that Grant has been given an ultimatum to win at least one of the club’s next three matches against Fulham, Everton, and Blackburn, or else he walks. Already, reports are surfacing that Big Sam is being lined up as a replacement.

Spurs fans will be cheery after club chairman Daniel Levy reiterated that star winger Gareth Bale will not be sold. The Welsh international is under contract until 2014, and Levy said that although the club may look to trim its squad in the January transfer window, cashing in on Bale is not on the cards. Of course, keeping in mind that even signed contracts generally mean nothing in professional football, this should probably be taken with a pinch bucket of salt. After lighting up both the Premier League and the Champions League this season, Bale is reportedly on the wish list of some of the biggest clubs in Europe.


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