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2010 NFL Schedule Released

2010 NFL Master Schedule

Week 1

Thu. Sep. 09

Matchup Time (ET)

Vikings at Saints 8:30 PM

Sun. Sep. 12

Matchup Time (ET)

Dolphins at Bills 1:00 PM

Colts at Texans 1:00 PM

Lions at Bears 1:00 PM

Falcons at Steelers 1:00 PM

Browns at Buccaneers 1:00 PM

Bengals at Patriots 1:00 PM

Broncos at Jaguars 1:00 PM

Raiders at Titans 1:00 PM

Panthers at Giants 1:00 PM

49ers at Seahawks 4:15 PM

Cardinals at Rams 4:15 PM

Packers at Eagles 4:15 PM

Cowboys at Redskins 8:20 PM

Mon. Sep. 13

Matchup Time (ET)

Ravens at Jets 7:00 PM

Chargers at Chiefs 10:15 PM

Week 2

Sun. Sep. 19

Matchup Time (ET)

Ravens at Bengals 1:00 PM

Buccaneers at Panthers 1:00 PM

Bills at Packers 1:00 PM

Dolphins at Vikings 1:00 PM

Bears at Cowboys 1:00 PM

Eagles at Lions 1:00 PM

Cardinals at Falcons 1:00 PM

Chiefs at Browns 1:00 PM

Steelers at Titans 1:00 PM

Seahawks at Broncos 4:05 PM

Rams at Raiders 4:05 PM

Patriots at Jets 4:15 PM

Texans at Redskins 4:15 PM

Jaguars at Chargers 4:15 PM

Giants at Colts 8:20 PM

Mon. Sep. 20

Matchup Time (ET)

Saints at 49ers 8:30 PM

Week 3

Sun. Sep. 26

Matchup Time (ET)

Bills at Patriots 1:00 PM

Falcons at Saints 1:00 PM

Lions at Vikings 1:00 PM

Browns at Ravens 1:00 PM

Cowboys at Texans 1:00 PM

49ers at Chiefs 1:00 PM

Titans at Giants 1:00 PM

Steelers at Buccaneers 1:00 PM

Bengals at Panthers 1:00 PM

Eagles at Jaguars 4:05 PM

Redskins at Rams 4:05 PM

Raiders at Cardinals 4:15 PM

Chargers at Seahawks 4:15 PM

Colts at Broncos 4:15 PM

Jets at Dolphins 8:20 PM

Mon. Sep. 27

Matchup Time (ET)

Packers at Bears 8:30 PM

Byes: DAL, KC, MIN, TB

Week 4

Sun. Oct. 03

Matchup Time (ET)

Jets at Bills 1:00 PM

Seahawks at Rams 1:00 PM

Panthers at Saints 1:00 PM

Lions at Packers 1:00 PM

Bengals at Browns 1:00 PM

Ravens at Steelers 1:00 PM

Broncos at Titans 1:00 PM

49ers at Falcons 1:00 PM

Colts at Jaguars 4:05 PM

Texans at Raiders 4:05 PM

Redskins at Eagles 4:15 PM

Cardinals at Chargers 4:15 PM

Bears at Giants 8:20 PM

Mon. Oct. 04

Matchup Time (ET)

Patriots at Dolphins 8:30 PM


Week 5

Sun. Oct. 10

Matchup Time (ET)

Buccaneers at Bengals 1:00 PM

Falcons at Browns 1:00 PM

Giants at Texans 1:00 PM

Chiefs at Colts 1:00 PM

Packers at Redskins 1:00 PM

Jaguars at Bills 1:00 PM

Broncos at Ravens 1:00 PM

Bears at Panthers 1:00 PM

Rams at Lions 1:00 PM

Saints at Cardinals 4:05 PM

Chargers at Raiders 4:15 PM

Titans at Cowboys 4:15 PM

Eagles at 49ers 8:20 PM

Mon. Oct. 11

Matchup Time (ET)

Vikings at Jets 8:30 PM


Week 6

Sun. Oct. 17

Matchup Time (ET)

Browns at Steelers 1:00 PM

Saints at Buccaneers 1:00 PM

Dolphins at Packers 1:00 PM

Chargers at Rams 1:00 PM

Ravens at Patriots 1:00 PM

Chiefs at Texans 1:00 PM

Lions at Giants 1:00 PM

Falcons at Eagles 1:00 PM

Seahawks at Bears 1:00 PM

Raiders at 49ers 4:05 PM

Jets at Broncos 4:05 PM

Cowboys at Vikings 4:15 PM

Colts at Redskins 8:20 PM

Mon. Oct. 18

Matchup Time (ET)

Titans at Jaguars 8:30 PM


Week 7

Sun. Oct. 24

Matchup Time (ET)

Eagles at Titans 1:00 PM

Bengals at Falcons 1:00 PM

Browns at Saints 1:00 PM

Steelers at Dolphins 1:00 PM

Rams at Buccaneers 1:00 PM

49ers at Panthers 1:00 PM

Redskins at Bears 1:00 PM

Jaguars at Chiefs 1:00 PM

Bills at Ravens 1:00 PM

Cardinals at Seahawks 4:05 PM

Raiders at Broncos 4:15 PM

Patriots at Chargers 4:15 PM

Vikings at Packers 8:20 PM

Mon. Oct. 25

Matchup Time (ET)

Giants at Cowboys 8:30 PM


Week 8

Sun. Oct. 31

Matchup Time (ET)

Packers at Jets 1:00 PM

Broncos at 49ers 1:00 PM

Jaguars at Cowboys 1:00 PM

Dolphins at Bengals 1:00 PM

Panthers at Rams 1:00 PM

Redskins at Lions 1:00 PM

Bills at Chiefs 1:00 PM

Titans at Chargers 4:05 PM

Vikings at Patriots 4:15 PM

Seahawks at Raiders 4:15 PM

Buccaneers at Cardinals 4:15 PM

Steelers at Saints 8:20 PM

Mon. Nov. 01

Matchup Time (ET)

Texans at Colts 8:30 PM


Week 9

Sun. Nov. 07

Matchup Time (ET)

Buccaneers at Falcons 1:00 PM

Saints at Panthers 1:00 PM

Bears at Bills 1:00 PM

Jets at Lions 1:00 PM

Dolphins at Ravens 1:00 PM

Patriots at Browns 1:00 PM

Chargers at Texans 1:00 PM

Cardinals at Vikings 1:00 PM

Giants at Seahawks 4:05 PM

Chiefs at Raiders 4:15 PM

Colts at Eagles 4:15 PM

Cowboys at Packers 8:20 PM

Mon. Nov. 08

Matchup Time (ET)

Steelers at Bengals 8:30 PM

Byes: GB, NO, OAK, SD

Week 10

Thu. Nov. 11

Matchup Time (ET)

Ravens at Falcons 8:20 PM

Sun. Nov. 14

Matchup Time (ET)

Texans at Jaguars 1:00 PM

Vikings at Bears 1:00 PM

Panthers at Buccaneers 1:00 PM

Lions at Bills 1:00 PM

Jets at Browns 1:00 PM

Titans at Dolphins 1:00 PM

Bengals at Colts 1:00 PM

Chiefs at Broncos 4:05 PM

Cowboys at Giants 4:15 PM

Seahawks at Cardinals 4:15 PM

Rams at 49ers 4:15 PM

Patriots at Steelers 8:20 PM

Mon. Nov. 15

Matchup Time (ET)

Eagles at Redskins 8:30 PM

Week 11

Thu. Nov. 18

Matchup Time (ET)

Bears at Dolphins 8:20 PM

Sun. Nov. 21

Matchup Time (ET)

Packers at Vikings 1:00 PM

Redskins at Titans 1:00 PM

Cardinals at Chiefs 1:00 PM

Ravens at Panthers 1:00 PM

Bills at Bengals 1:00 PM

Lions at Cowboys 1:00 PM

Texans at Jets 1:00 PM

Raiders at Steelers 1:00 PM

Browns at Jaguars 1:00 PM

Seahawks at Saints 4:05 PM

Falcons at Rams 4:05 PM

Buccaneers at 49ers 4:05 PM

Colts at Patriots 4:15 PM

Giants at Eagles 8:20 PM

Mon. Nov. 22

Matchup Time (ET)

Broncos at Chargers 8:30 PM - Official Site of the National Football League

Week 12

Thu. Nov. 25

Matchup Time (ET)

Patriots at Lions 12:30 PM

Saints at Cowboys 4:15 PM

Bengals at Jets 8:20 PM

Sun. Nov. 28

Matchup Time (ET)

Titans at Texans 1:00 PM

Buccaneers at Ravens 1:00 PM

Jaguars at Giants 1:00 PM

Panthers at Browns 1:00 PM

Steelers at Bills 1:00 PM

Eagles at Bears 1:00 PM

Vikings at Redskins 1:00 PM

Packers at Falcons 1:00 PM

Chiefs at Seahawks 4:05 PM

Dolphins at Raiders 4:05 PM

Rams at Broncos 4:15 PM

Chargers at Colts 8:20 PM

Mon. Nov. 29

Matchup Time (ET)

49ers at Cardinals 8:30 PM

Week 13

Thu. Dec. 02

Matchup Time (ET)

Texans at Eagles 8:20 PM

Sun. Dec. 05

Matchup Time (ET)

Jaguars at Titans 1:00 PM

Broncos at Chiefs 1:00 PM

Redskins at Giants 1:00 PM

Bears at Lions 1:00 PM

Falcons at Buccaneers 1:00 PM

Saints at Bengals 1:00 PM

Bills at Vikings 1:00 PM

Browns at Dolphins 1:00 PM

49ers at Packers 1:00 PM

Raiders at Chargers 4:05 PM

Rams at Cardinals 4:15 PM

Cowboys at Colts 4:15 PM

Panthers at Seahawks 4:15 PM

Steelers at Ravens 8:20 PM

Mon. Dec. 06

Matchup Time (ET)

Jets at Patriots 8:30 PM

Week 14

Thu. Dec. 09

Matchup Time (ET)

Colts at Titans 8:20 PM

Sun. Dec. 12

Matchup Time (ET)

Bengals at Steelers 1:00 PM

Falcons at Panthers 1:00 PM

Packers at Lions 1:00 PM

Patriots at Bears 1:00 PM

Browns at Bills 1:00 PM

Giants at Vikings 1:00 PM

Raiders at Jaguars 1:00 PM

Buccaneers at Redskins 1:00 PM

Seahawks at 49ers 4:05 PM

Rams at Saints 4:05 PM

Dolphins at Jets 4:15 PM

Chiefs at Chargers 4:15 PM

Broncos at Cardinals 4:15 PM

Eagles at Cowboys 8:20 PM

Mon. Dec. 13

Matchup Time (ET)

Ravens at Texans 8:30 PM

Week 15

Thu. Dec. 16

Matchup Time (ET)

49ers at Chargers 8:20 PM

Sun. Dec. 19

Matchup Time (ET)

Bills at Dolphins 1:00 PM

Eagles at Giants 1:00 PM

Redskins at Cowboys 1:00 PM

Browns at Bengals 1:00 PM

Jaguars at Colts 1:00 PM

Texans at Titans 1:00 PM

Saints at Ravens 1:00 PM

Chiefs at Rams 1:00 PM

Cardinals at Panthers 1:00 PM

Lions at Buccaneers 1:00 PM

Falcons at Seahawks 4:05 PM

Broncos at Raiders 4:15 PM

Jets at Steelers 4:15 PM

Packers at Patriots 8:20 PM

Mon. Dec. 20

Matchup Time (ET)

Bears at Vikings 8:30 PM

Week 16

Thu. Dec. 23

Matchup Time (ET)

Panthers at Steelers 8:20 PM

Sat. Dec. 25

Matchup Time (ET)

Cowboys at Cardinals 7:30 PM

Sun. Dec. 26

Matchup Time (ET)

Patriots at Bills 1:00 PM

49ers at Rams 1:00 PM

Ravens at Browns 1:00 PM

Lions at Dolphins 1:00 PM

Jets at Bears 1:00 PM

Redskins at Jaguars 1:00 PM

Titans at Chiefs 1:00 PM

Seahawks at Buccaneers 1:00 PM

Vikings at Eagles 1:00 PM

Texans at Broncos 4:05 PM

Colts at Raiders 4:05 PM

Giants at Packers 4:15 PM

Chargers at Bengals 8:20 PM

Mon. Dec. 27

Matchup Time (ET)

Saints at Falcons 8:30 PM

Week 17

Sun. Jan. 02

Matchup Time (ET)

Dolphins at Patriots 1:00 PM

Buccaneers at Saints 1:00 PM

Panthers at Falcons 1:00 PM

Cowboys at Eagles 1:00 PM

Raiders at Chiefs 1:00 PM

Titans at Colts 1:00 PM

Jaguars at Texans 1:00 PM

Bengals at Ravens 1:00 PM

Bears at Packers 1:00 PM

Vikings at Lions 1:00 PM

Giants at Redskins 1:00 PM

Steelers at Browns 1:00 PM

Bills at Jets 1:00 PM

Chargers at Broncos 4:15 PM

Rams at Seahawks 4:15 PM

Cardinals at 49ers 4:15 PM

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