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English Managers Blame Soccer Transfer Window for Own Ineptitude

For some reason the League Managers Association (LMA) in England wants to do away with the annual January transfer window. That comes from its head, Richard Bevan. He states that the window makes it harder for clubs to manage their budgets and the value of players often becomes inflated due to the last-minute nature of the window. But according to Bevan, the decision has to be made by FIFA and we all know there’s not much chance of any change with the senile Sepp Blatter in charge.

Bevan said the LMA, the Football Association, the Football League, the Premier League, and the Professional Footballers Association would all like to see the transfer window slammed shut. However, he doesn’t really offer much in the way of reasons for the system to be altered. If clubs are stupid enough to pay overinflated prices for players, that’s basically their problem.

He does make a good point about FIFA and Blatter though, as he said one man shouldn’t have that much power and impact on world football and that has to change. But I don’t really see how the two are related.

Bevan argues that the transfer window doesn’t create stability and a level playing field. But I see it as a chance for star players who are sitting on the bench or in the stands to get back onto the field. It’s ridiculous that there are dozens of good players, many of them who are internationals, who aren’t playing. And it’s the fans who are getting ripped off. Take Robbie Keane for example. Here’s one of the top scorers in EPL history who’s wasting away doing nothing at Spurs. The transfer window allowed him to move to West Ham.

It seems to me that Bevan’s main reason for scrapping the transfer window is to save jobs of managers and that’s no surprise since he heads up the LMA.  Bevan is basically looking out for the managers and not much else here. He’s consistently harping on about the way managers are treated and has said that rich club owners treat them as scapegoats when they fire them. He believes the January transfer window actually costs some managers their jobs. Bevan said the clubs need to work with managers to create a stable platform and wants to see owners give them more time.

He then pointed out to how clubs have overpaid for players, which is true, but what has that got to do with the January transfer window? Manchester City paid about £27m for striker Edin Dzeko from Wolfsburg while the German club only paid £4m for him in 2007. Liverpool paid £23m for striker Luis Suarez from Ajax, who only paid £6.4m for him three years ago. But these moves can be blamed on plain stupidity not the concept of a transfer window.

Club owners and managers are constantly spending millions on strikers and then don’t have the sense to play them. They play negative football with millionaire strikers sitting on the bench while less-skilled players are on the pitch trying to prevent goals. It’s the whole attitude of the sport that needs changing. Closing the January transfer window isn’t going to do that.

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