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Embarrassment: "Inmates Run Asylum" in MLB

Major League Baseball is an embarrassment.  Without getting into a chronology of the long history of cronyism and the laundry list of many other issues that checker MLB's past just read these two articles HERE and HERE of how the league allowed teams in its two biggest media markets to conduct themselves with such reckless abandon with seemingly no oversight--or at the very least, certainly no league intervention or regulation.

In comparison to the financial structure and regulation of the juggernaut that is the corporation of the NFL in which strict adherence to league policy and oversight dictates every decision and action on every level- from the groundskeepers all the way up to the owners, Major League Baseball appears like "Billionaires Gone Wild" in which either nepotism or who you know gets you in the "club of owners" and what you do from there is an all-out free for all.  

I love going to major league baseball games for the atmosphere at the stadium and I marvel at the remarkable skills and athleticism of the players.  I even embrace the nostalgia that is part and parcel with the game, "America's Pastime," and count 'Field of Dreams' among my favorite movies.  What I cannot stomach, what I abhor is the corporate leadership and structure of a league that in these two examples alone allowed embarrassing abuse and irresponsibility to not only push each franchise into economic abyss and bankruptcy but to do so with the full knowledge and "oversight" of the league and it's ownership group.  

I cannot fathom the punitive actions NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell would take against these teams and owners if they were in the NFL.  However, luckiy for these owners they're part of the Major League Cartel, part of the "haves."  McCourt in Los Angeles will likely turn a tidy profit, and the Mets ownership fears not a dramatic punishment if any at all for their improprieties and irresponsible actions.  In the MLB, accountability to others (the league and ownership group, not to mention the fans) and responsibility at the highest level (the owners and MLB executives) for both individual, franchise, and league wide decisions and actions are not requirements for ownership or league leadership. 

The inmates run the asylum in Major League Baseball and with the current leadership in control with no indications of planning to pass the baton anytime soon, expect more of the same- more embarrassments like these two- to plague the MLB for years to come.


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