Egomaniac Manny Pacquiao Thinks He Influenced U.S. Elections


It goes without saying that all athletes have massive egos. They’re constantly surrounded by yes-men who live to satisfy their jock-wearing bosses and keep them happy. As a result, said athletes tend to think that every single event, movement and result was in some way shaped by their actions.

Manny Pacquiao is no different than any other athlete.

Well, scratch that. Unlike other sports stars who have a small entourage of followers who worship at their athletic altars, Pacquiao has a whole country that considers him a god.

That would inflate anyone's ego.

Recently, the famed Filipino boxer/deity said that he deserved credit for the victories that Harry Reid and Jerry Brown had in the recent U.S. elections.

"[Reid] was behind 4% in the polls before I got out there," Pacquiao told LA Times. "There's a lot of Filipinos in Las Vegas."

Pacquiao, of course, made headlines last week when he left his trainer Freddie Roach to go campaign for Reid in Las Vegas.

But Pacquiao wasn’t done patting himself on the back just yet.

"I also helped Brown here," Pacquiao said, referring to the governor-elect who defeated Meg Whitmanin California. "I helped him campaign. I gave a message to the Filipino community to support Gov. Brown, and they did."

Makes perfect sense.  

We can only hope that Pacquiao is taking credit for this stuff not because he truly believes he influenced the elections, but because he wants to build up hype for his upcoming bout with Antonio Margarito.

Hey Manny, it’s a windy, chilly day out in Los Angeles today. Since you seem to control the universe and all, do you think you could part the clouds and make it a little warmer outside?



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