Eduardo Dantas on Losing to Tyson Nam: "Worst Day of My Life"

Eduardo Dantas (14-3) won't soon forget his recent loss to Tyson Nam (12-4).

"It definitely was the worst day of my life," said Dantas on MMA Junkie through a translator. "I was very confident, I was very focused and I think I was overaggressive and wanted too much to end the fight quickly – and that's what happened."

Nam defeated the current Bellator Bantamweight Champion earlier in the week at a police benefit show in Brazil. Dantas was given permission by Bellator to fight on the show.

Some have disagreed with Bellator's decision to allow him to fight outside of the company and the same comments have been laid upon Dantas.

"A lot of people are criticizing me and saying, 'Why did you take the fight?' because it was out of Bellator," said Dantas. "But I want to be the best in the world. I want to test myself with any kind of test I can get. I took that fight because I knew he was a good fighter standing, so I tried to fight the fight standing, to prove myself – and [the knockout] happened."

The loss snapped Dantas' seven fight win streak.

Somewhere down the line, Dantas has a feeling they will meet again with a different outcome.

"It definitely was that [I just got caught]," said Dantas. "I think about that every day and every night. I followed my commands like an athlete, like a fighter, and I was fighting like a kid. I wanted to end it quickly. I acted like a kid. But I feel better now and I'm pretty sure in one year or 10 years, we'll fight again. What happened that night was his merit, but if we could fight again, the result would be different."

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