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Eddie Alvarez on Future: We'll Field Offers from UFC, Everyone Else

After it was known that Eddie Alvarez (24-3) had fulfilled his Bellator contract, his name became a hot buzzing topic about where he is headed now.

"I'm taking my time with this," said Alvarez to MMA Fighting. "There's very few times in your career when you become a free agent after winning. That's the biggest key. So I'm taking my time, enjoying my family back home, and just eating a little bit of normal meals."

Though his contract is up, Bellator has 90 days in which they can negotiate exclusively with the Alvarez. The company is also able to match competing contract offers for an unspecified time after the 90 days concludes. The news that Bellator will be airing on Spike TV in 2013 has Alvarez thinking about resigning.

"I'm interested in what's going on with the Spike deal next year," said Alvarez. "We'll field offers from everyone else, the UFC and everyone else, whoever's out there. I don't know who's out there."

Dana White has been vocal about signing Alvarez and tweeted to him after his recent victory.

"Dana's a character, man, he likes to play games," said Alvarez. "I know what he's doing. I know what he's up to; hat's off to him and I'll see what happens."

Alvarez made his Bellator debut at their inaugural event in 2009. He went on to become their lightweight champion and held a 9-1 record for them. He ended his last two fights in the first round.

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