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Eddie Alvarez to Choose Between UFC and Bellator this Week?

Bellator may have 90 days to work out a new deal with former lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez (24-3), but Bjorn Rebney doesn't think it will take that long. According to Rebney, the answer should only take a few days.

"It's an interesting spot," said Rebney to MMA Fighting. "We've talked about the dynamics for months about him staying or leaving. We don't make decisions based off emotions. We do our analysis and try to determine if it fits in our model."

Rebney has made an offer to keep Alvarez with Bellator as one of the prominent names when the company moves to Spike TV in January. If Alvarez doesn't want the new offer, Bellator has no problem allowing him to bow out of the contract negotiating period and speak to other companies.

Following his first round victory in his last fight, Alvarez has become one of the hottest free agents. Dana White has expressed much interest in bringing him to the UFC and noted he was on their radar for some time. Bellator still has the chance to match the UFC's or any other company's offer if Alvarez declines their new contract.

"If Eddie wants to look at what they're offering, and I don't think that's unreasonable by the way, I'll open the door sooner than we're required," said Rebney. "I'm not saying we won't come to an agreement, but even though we're having some good talks, that's what it might come down to."

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